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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sustainable Agricultural
Development in Ethiopia!

**Organic Campus is now accepting donations which will go directly into the establishment of a community center in Ethiopia purposed to teach sustainable agricultural techniques to the local population. Berhanu (the farmer who supplies our produce/baked goods) is planning on traveling to Ethiopia once he has raised sufficient funds. He hopes to help the local people (and especially victims of AIDS and poverty) by providing them with the farming and gardening knowledge which will provide them with a means of supporting themselves and securing their futures.

GOALS: 1. To establish a community center to provide sustainable agricultural knowledge.
2. To allow for the diversification of crops.
3. To help prevent famine.
4. Sustainable self-help education
5. To improve health, nutrition, and awareness.

Donations will be (graciously) accepted every Tuesday. Please look fort the collection tin. Thank you!