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Monday, November 19, 2007

Cooking Workshop, Organic Night and Last Distribution for the term

Tomorrow will be the last distribution of Organic Local Baskets for the Fall 2007 Term. Come get one last sweet potato and cinnamon bread or Habeshan apple pie to help you go through the long nights of studying ahead. As the fields of our farmer will slowly get covered with snow in the coming weeks, we'll have a new vegetable provider in January. We are working hard on finding the most suitable source of baskets possible, with the maximum amount of local vegetables and as little packaging as possible. But rest assured, the Wassihun family will continue to provide us with their ever so popular sweet breads and Ethiopian treats!

But, before saying goodbye for the winter break, we have a week filled with fun and instructive organic activities! It all starts on Wednesday at 5pm, when Ben Spiegel, an expert at cooking those weird vegetables you find in your basket every week, will give us a free and very instructive cooking workshop. The cooking workshop will focus on the content of THIS WEEK'S basket and will take place at 5pm in the kitchen on the 3rd floor of the Shatner building. Drop by tomorrow at distribution to sign up as space in the kitchen is limited!

Finally, on Friday the 23rd, come to the Organic Night in the Shatner Ballroom from 5 to 9pm to taste the difference of a completely organic meal. The evenings festivities will include a free dinner, drinks, insightful guest speakers on organic food and a showcase of the green clubs on campus. No need to sign up, everybody is welcome!

Organic Campus wishes you all a fabulous exam session, with lots of positive energy and we hope to see you all back in January at the Organic Corner!

Your dedicated volunteers from Organic Campus:

-Curtis, Andrien, Kelly, Meighen, Shannon, Alexandra, Sylvia, Michal, Matthew, Angela, Elsie, Steffi and Josiane