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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Organic Graduate Students, make yourself heard!

Are you a graduate student involved in, or benefiting from, any student-run (SSMU-based) campus clubs, services or associations- such as Organic Campus? Are you confused by the all talk surrounding a lack of agreement between PGSS (your students society) and SSMU over how clubs and services should be funded? Concerned about what this might spell for grad student participation in clubs and services? Would you like answers from PGSS' council and executive- or want to tell them what you think, where you stand, and that clubs and services funding is important to you?

If you answered yes, to any of these, come to PGSS' annual general meeting (AGM), on Wednesday March 12, 6:00 pm, Thomson House ballroom. It's your Society, your AGM- come and be heard.

*** Read below for the official Organic Campus position on this debacle!

Dear Organic Campus Members,
When the Organic Food Co-op changed its name in 2006 to become Organic Campus, a SSMU service, there were no doubts in our minds that this would only be for better, and that it could not affect the basic principles on which our cooperative had been founded on in 2003. We did not become a SSMU service to obtain operating budgets from both student societies, as we generate small profits to cover our expenses, but rather to obtain the visibility and stability required to reach as many members of the McGill community as possible.

The aim and purpose of our cooperative, as defined clearly in our constitution, has always been to supply students as well as the local community with quality organic foods and goods, in an effort to promote environmental sustainability. All the profits generated through the sale of baked goods are re-invested to support other initiatives that share similar goals and to promote environmental awareness through publications and workshops. The cooperative has always been, and should always be open to all persons, undergraduates, graduates, past students, McGill employees and professors and the McGill community in general, with no discrimination.

We would like SSMU and PGSS to reconsider not renewing the recently lapsed Memorandum of Agreement, which had allowed graduate students, which form a good proportion of our clientele and volunteers, to benefit from our service. We feel that our student initiative, as well as all other student initiatives deserve to be, and should be, supported by both SSMU and PGSS.

This is our position, what is yours?

Organic Campus would like to thank you in advance for voicing your opinions!