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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last day of the August McGill Farmer's Market

Today is the last day of the Farmers' Market for the month of August, but don't worry, we will be back next week at our regular spot, in front of Shatner, from 2-6pm. You will have the option of buying a $15/$25 basket filled with fresh local organic produce, or buy each item you want individually.

The Farmers' Market will return for the last 3 Tuesdays in September at 3 bares park, in the heart of the downtown campus.

Meanwhile, pickup this week's edition of the Montreal Mirror which features an article on our farmer, Berhanu Wassihun, and his project to open a sustainable agriculture center in Ethiopia. The picture was taken at the Organic Campus Kiosk during the McGill Farmers' Market. Organic Campus still collects donations for the center every Tuesday during distribution.


tegegne said...

Is there any way to get in touch with Berhanu wassyihun??