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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Organic Campus to Start Summer Operatons July 21st!

A big hello to the OC community from us here at Organic Campus!

After a brief hiatus from operations in March, Organic Campus is back in action for the summer to bring you the best local, organic crops from Farm True food Ecostere. As per usual, we will be open every Tuesday from 12-5pm in front of the Shatner Building to serve you throughout the bright summer days; yet if conditions are unfavourable we will be relocated on the 2nd floor of Shatner building, in the cafeteria. And for our welcomed friends joining us from off campus, the the Shatner building is located at 3600 rue McTavish. This summer we will be selling produce individually and in the "basket option", where a full spread of organic produce can be bought at a cumulatively lower cost.

So come and stop by this Tuesday between 12-5pm and pick up some fresh and delicious veggies, fruit, and other homemade Ethiopian baked treats. We would love to hear everyone's summer stories while the enjoying the sunshine with you at our tent.

This summer we are unfortunately a bit understaffed as many students have migrated away for the season, so we encourage anyone interesting in volunteering to come out and help us this Tuesday, or send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at

We look forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces this Tuesday at our tent. Don't forget to bring your reusable bag!

Organically yours,

Organic Campus


Diana's said...

This is wonderful !
I sure hope other students follow your lead.
I wish more folks were like-minded.
I am in Ohio USA and have a tough time very many folks who are interested in natural living.
I get some strange looks looks when I tell people that I grow my own food, perfumes, home decor and even herbal treatments for my family in my own organic gardens.

I have 3 kids and am trying to teach them how important all of this is too.

Have a good day !

Organically Yours,