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Monday, November 2, 2009

Official Indoor Transition for the Season.

Hello fellow OC enthusiasts!

We at Organic Campus would like to invite you to join in our move indoors to the Shatner Cafeteria for the season starting tomorrow, Tuesday November 3rd. We will be now located at the Organic Corner which is in the far right side of the cafeteria as you come up the stairs to the 2nd floor in the University Centre/ Shatner Building, and we will still be serving all your favourite organic vegetables and baked goods that focus on utilizing the best local ingredients to help you lessen that carbon footprint. Tuesdays remain our principle produce day, so come with your reusable bag and pick up an assortment of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit from Farm True Food Ecostere tomorrow for only 10$!

As many of you may have noticed, our days of operation have been expanding, so now we serve almost every day of the week from Monday to Thursday 12 - 5pm. Ultimately, we plan to establish a permanent storefront space this year for Organic Campus with operations running throughout the week, along with an enlargened stock and ready-to-go lunch foods. Whilst these plans come to fruitition however, please come by and show your support for sustainable food systems tomorrow and all through the week. It was previously much easier to attract the attention of passerbys outside of Shatner with our large tent, but now with our visibility greatly reduced we would also like to ask for your help in spreading the good word of our new seasonal location inside the building.

Thanks for your continued support, and keep your eyes peeled for our next announcement about the catered movie screening for "Our Daily Bread" to be shown later this month!

Organically yours,
Organic Campus