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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recent Articles of Interest

Here at the Organic Campus, we're always looking to share well-written articles with our readers and members of our community. Here are two articles recently recommended to us by visitors to our site:

40 Ways to Eat More Ethically

Submitted by Miss Celina Jacobson

If you've ever wanted a good place for advice on better eating, then this is for you. Although I'm sure many of you already practice better, healthier, more environmentally conscious eating habits, it never hurts to take a quick review or look for new ways to improve. Each of the 40 advices are also links to other sites where you can find out the reasoning and science behind why it's a good idea.

15 Famous Athletes Who Are Vegetarians

Submitted by Miss
Roxanne McAnn

It is, of course, possible to eat meat and still eat ethically. But many people nowadays are trying to switch over to a more vegetable-centric diet. Even if you're not ready to pledge yourself to being vegetarian all the time, it helps to reduce meat intake, even by a little bit. If you've ever wanted to give vegetarianism a try, then this article might help inspire you and those around you to look for alternative ways to fulfill your daily nutritional needs.

If you ever wish to recommend an article or guest-write on our blog, just send us an email. We're always looking for ways to inform and inspire :)

Have a good one, OC-ers!

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