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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ordering to resume Tuesday, Jan. 29th!

Hey there all organic loyalists!

After an unexpected disruption with our distributor last week, Organic Campus will be back taking orders this Tuesday, January 29th, at Organic Corner on the 2nd floor of Shatner from 2-6pm for delivery the following Tuesday, February 5th. A slight change was made with suppliers last week to ensure that Organic Campus can continue to provide the McGill community with local organic baskets through the wintry months to come; as well, the Wassihun family will be there as always supplying us with all their delicious Ethiopian baked goods. There will be a slight drop in the quantity of produce from the previous weeks as some of the fall stores become exhausted, but expect still to see a fair amount of all local organic veggies in your basket! For this week baskets will consist of carrots, potatoes, beets, jerusalem artichokes, onion, and apples, so drop by on Tuesday and place your order for only 10$ and say hello to our cheerful volunteers!

And as always, please send any comments or suggestions to so we can continue to deliver the best collection of local organic produce for those tight student budgets. Would you also like to see any speakers, workshops, or events held by Organic Campus on nutrition, organic standards, or how to deal with those unruly jerusalem artichokes? E-mail us then with any ideas you may have, or volunteer with the OC to help set up an event!

Warmest wishes,

Organic Campus


Anonymous said...

How much food is in one basket? Like what is the size?

Steffi said...

A rough idea would be something like:

8 Apples
1 Onion
4 Jerusalem Artichokes
5 small potatoes
4 carrots
1 leek

That's an idea of what we had a couple weeks ago, but it changes all the time so it may not be these vegetables or these amounts. Best thing to do is come out and see for yourself!