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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome back! Bonne année 2008!

Hello everyone and welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing break; all of us at Organic Campus are excited for another semester packed with organic goodness and fun, and hope that you are too!

You'll be happy to read that Organic Campus has been listening to your comments and that several changes are coming up. First, due to the confusion surrounding the different basket sizes, we are adopting the unique basket size strategy for this term. The basket price will be $10 and if it is not enough to feed your starving roommates or family, just order two! In the past years, we have also been listening to complaints about winter baskets being filled with mostly non-local over-wrapped fruits and vegetables from far far away. And since our main goal is to be an alternative to the organic section of your neighbourhood supermarket, as well as to support our local organic farmers, we have decided to stay away from big distributors this year. The Wassihun family, our summer/fall local vegetables providers in association with other local farmers from their area will unite to put together a variety of local root and preservation vegetables. The amount of non-local vegetables will be kept to a minimum, although some will be added for a minimum of colour and variety! And of course, the Wassihun family will continue to prepare their delicious homemade sweet potato and cinnamon breads and Ethiopian treats!

We'll be kicking off the new ordering season this Tuesday, January 8th. Our lovely volunteers will be in the Organic Corner, on the second floor of the Shatner Cafeteria from 2-6pm to take your weekly order, provide you with information about how we work, where the food comes from, provide recipes and cooking tips or just chat with you!

And don't forget that the OC is cooperatively run, and can't survive without the support of all of in the cooperative spirit, this is a VOLUNTEER CALL OUT! Volunteer duties range from greeting our farmers/distributors, dividing up orders, taking orders, taking money, answering the questions of curious people, and much more. You can meet lots of people, have lots of fun, and see exactly what goes into making the OC run and how all of that delicious organic food is brought to you every Tuesday. What could be better? So get involved, email us - organiccampus[at] your Tuesday availability and Angie, our volunteer coordinator, will get get back to you with more details. Not available on Tuesdays but still want to help? You could help with sporadic events like activities night, or organize fun workshops, help with publicity, just email us!

Hope to see you soon!

Organic Campus