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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Campus Crops, Upcoming Cooking Workshop and Conference

After the long winter months filled with almost exclusively root vegetables, the sunlight will eventually come back and it'll be time for fruits and vegetables to grow again in Quebec. And what's more local than our own backyard? Campus Crops, a new student group seeking to grow some of our own food on McGill Campus, will be using the backyard of the McGill School of Environment for a garden this spring, summer and fall. This week at the Organic Corner, there is a poster lying around with a blank picture of the garden plot, for people to draw, write or cut-and-paste in and to tell us what kinds of things they'd like to see in the garden. We are recommending fruits and vegetables, but you can draw anything you want. There's a set of markers, some paper, scissors etc. as well. Be creative!

You're in need of new ideas for cooking all the yummy vegetables you bring back every week from Organic Campus? Come participate to a free fun-filled and instructive vegan cooking workshop with our lovely volunteer Meighen! The cooking workshop is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday February 20. Look for the poster and sign up sheet in the Organic Corner next Tuesday!

Still need a little boost to convince yourself to start eating healthy and organic? Association Manger Santé Bio organizes a conference on February 13th ($5 for students), more details on their website a .