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Monday, February 18, 2008

This Week's Basket , Spring Break and Cooking Workshop

Organic Campus has been listening to (or rather reading) your local winter vegetables suggestions and we made a few changes for this week's local organic basket.

For this week expect to find:

-winter squash
-cabbage (most likely divided)
-jerusalem artichokes

Continue sharing with us your suggestions, either verbally (we love human contact!), in our suggestion box at the counter, using the comments on this blog or emailing us at organiccampus[a] Allow us to also point out the recipe exchange box that you can find at the counter. Share your recipes, copy some / give some. And talking about recipes...

The promised vegan cooking workshop will be held on Wednesday March 5th at 7pm in the Shatner Building. Meighen and Abbey are preparing a wicked vegan, local and nutritional workshop that will focus on that week's basket. The workshop is absolutely free, courtesy of Organic Campus and Greening McGill, and you'll get to sample all the delicious recipes prepared. Stay tuned for many other activities organized with Greening McGill as they are making local foods one of their main focuses this semester.

Next week will be the well deserved spring break and Organic Campus deserves it just as much as you do! Therefore, there will be no delivery next Tuesday February 26th. All orders taken tomorrow will be delivered after the break, on Tuesday March 4th.

Have a fabulous reading week!

Organic Campus


John! said...

If apple cider were to stop by my life would be so good.