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Monday, April 7, 2008

Tomorrow's Distribution and Special Ethiopian Treats!

Yes, sadly, tomorrow will be Organic Campus' last day of activities for the winter term. And to thank you all, volunteers, regular customers, one-time buyers, cinnamon bun lovers, we'll have some Free Special Ethiopian Treats tomorrow! Come sample some delicious fresh enjeras with delicious vegetarians fillings and some honey lemonade! Compliments of Workie and Berhanu from True Food Ecostere. So don't forget to drop by to say hi, eat a bite, refresh yourself, give suggestions, comments, appreciation, exchange recipes and talk about the fabulous weather!

We'll be back in July (stay posted for the exact date), when the harvest season begins. As in previous summers, we'll be in front of Shatner every Tuesday from 4-6pm but... we'll have a tent! Yes, yes, yes, just like at the market! Expect much more organization, with more volunteers to help you out, take your orders and give you tips on how to cook all those green leafy vegetables! If you intend on getting baskets this summer, please drop-us a line (organiccampus[at] so we can get a rough estimate. And please don't hesitate to let us know if you wish to volunteer during the summer months. We'll need volunteers to help out with distribution and also to help organize a field trip to the farm.

Good luck on your exams! We wish you a fabulous summer and hope to see you around the OC tent this summer!

Organic Campus