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Friday, June 3, 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome to Organic Campus!

It is crazy to think that this blog has been active for over three years now! Over this time, we have all been inspired to take charge of our own health and our relationship to the environment. The more we have learned about vegetarian cooking, seasonal vegetables and Wassihun family, the more we have realized that we too can eat ethically and we too can make the life choices that prove our respect for the body and the land we occupy,

I have been recently passed on the lovely responsibility to update this blog. Though I have been an active volunteer for quite some time now, this blog is forcing me to rethink what Organic Campus means to me and what it could mean to all of us in the future. I really want this space to become a place of inspiration (as dopey as that sounds). I want this space to become a constant reminder that it is exciting, creative and worthwhile to engage with the food we eat- even if our meal is a simple apple.

Our food habits are one of the most personal activities we conduct. But all too often we forget this. We forget to eat slowly and graciously. Yet when we eat we also engage in a universal process much more grand than our selves. Your dish did not magically pop onto your plate. It required sun, soil, nutrients…time! In these ways, food has the capacity to unravel a meaningful story. Since we live in a city, sometime it is hard to see the global picture. Where is this "environment" I am caring about? Why should I care that something is organic? What is the difference if I meat or not? Through a sensitivity to our food, we can experience the answers to these questions and go even further. I hope that this blog and our market stand encourages you to do so.

As for now (1 o'clock in the morning): put down your after-midnight snack and get some sleep for your delicious tomorrow.

Organically yours,


PS. As always, our summer schedule is Tuesdays 11- 5 and Wednesday 12 - sell out!